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Attendance & Punctuality
Our program places high importance on consistent punctuality. In order to minimize classroom disruption and to give students a sense of order, it is imperative that all students arrive on time (any time from 8:00 to 9 am). Tardy students enter the classroom disoriented and may miss introductions to new topics and materials presented by their teachers. And, most importantly, taking punctuality seriously now will serve children well throughout their lives.

Arrival and departure
To ensure your child's safety, please deliver him or her to a staff member every morning and remain with your child until the staff member has assumed responsibility for supervision. We advise you to inform the staff of any changes in routine or behavior that may affect your child's participation in the program. When picking your child up, please be sure that a staff member is aware of your departure. In cases when neither parent is able to pick up their child, it is essential that the school be notified - in writing and as soon as possible - about who will be coming in their stead. We recommend that you come for your child at a regular, consistent time; children feel more secure when their parents maintain a reliable daily pick-up time.

Releasing students
When anyone other than a regular parent or guardian must pick a student up from school, the following procedure must be followed:

The teacher must be given a signed letter from the parent or guardian stating the full name and identification of the person who will be picking the child up. Anything short of this information in the letter will not be accepted. If it is not possible to get a written letter to us in time, we will need a phone call including the full name and identification number of the person picking the child up and a parent or guardian's authorization to release the student to said person.

Clothing and possessions
Children should be dressed in clothing that is appropriate for physical activity and weather. A complete change of clothing must be kept at the school in the case of a spill or accident. Remember to bring in a set of clean clothes if previous set is sent home to be washed. Also, all clothing must be clearly labeled with your child's name.

If you would like your child to celebrate his or her birthday in the classroom, let the teacher know in advance. Birthdays can be celebrated with treats that can be served to all of the other children, such as cupcakes, cake or cookies. All treats must come with a list of ingredients and must be peanut-free.

Music and yoga lessons
Music and yoga lessons are offered as extra curricular activities designed to enhance the child's learning and developmental experience.

To avoid misuse and damage, toys only be brought to school with the teacher's permission (i.e. Show 'n' Tell).

Our newsletter
A newsletter will be sent home to the parent or guardian once a month. Typically, the newsletter announces upcoming school events, curriculum developments and schedule changes.

- Nutritious, mostly organic food
- Low student-teacher ratio (usually 4:1)
- Challenging and stimulating Montessori-based curriculum and preschool program
- Non-competitive, child-centered learning environment
- Full day program (8:00 am - 5:30 pm)

Parent feedback is important to us. Parents are welcome to meet with  director regarding concerns or inquiries of any kind.

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